Exploring Sibale Island, Romblon Philippines

The philippines is known to have some beautiful beaches and white sands in the whole world – In the past two years ago April 2009,  me and my outdoor friends decided to visit this small town of Sibale Island located in Romblon in a visaya’s part of Philippines.

Coconut TreesBefore we reach the other island we pass by all this young cococnut palm trees and it was a simply amaze.

White Sands – this is my friend (kitty) i took this photo including her as a subject of my photography.

Proper Town – This is the main proper of Sibale, Romblon most of the locals are living in this place (called bayan) you will feel thier  hospitality as nature of a filipino’s.

 Transportation – yes it is from bayan to island it takes 5 minutes to ride on this motor boat were so lucky that time because this boat is belongs to the mayor of Sibale.

Breath Taking AfternoonLast but not least .. this place a theraphy for me from the birds singing while your taking rest and the winds it will whispers on your ears all of this is appreciatte what God‘s creations in our world.

For more details about Sibale Island check out this link http://www.sibale.amorfrancis.com/category/video-photo-gallery  enjoy exploring.

And i keep continuing exploring myself to any beaches.