How about you, Where is your summer get aways?

Here’s mine! My friends invite me to extend my beach summer.  First time in that place and I can say that “absolutely awesome” .

You can find Akasya Trees and I believe that she’s living for almost two decades.

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Set amidst 24 hectares of rolling hills and white sand beaches, Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is a place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures – beautiful beaches, comfortable cottages, flower-filled gardens, gorgeous sunrises and breathtaking sunsets, happy moments and special celebrations.

Laughter, joy, fun, friendship and love. Wonderful memories are made at Stilts! – STILT CALATAGAN BATANGAS

You may contact them at this following no.s: 0917-5807653 / 0917-5237777 /0917-5863343 / 0908-8662254

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar    

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By: Pinaybyaheras



“Amorsoloesque is a learning technique,” says Kris, “the only limit is your imagination.”  This is a million dollar answer of Ms. Maricris Fabi-Carlos.

Why should i like her and what’s her capavility?

Only one answer i can tell she’s very unique and a very strong woman as i’ve ever seen, a down to earth person.

 At first, am hesitating to ask some questions on my work doing amorsoloesque but then she come to me and ask what i need to do and even i ask her so many times to come on my place to ask for more i don’t feel any problem with that and i like the way she teach.

Here’s some summary of her Basic Information

Her passion for the art started when her father introduced her to sketching and oil painting when she was younger. In 2007, she took basic and advanced photography courses at the FPPF( Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation), finishing at the top of her class. In the same year, she went on to win Photo of the Year 2008 with her “Raindrops” entry in the PhotoWorld Cup Network, a tough competition of the best photographers among the Philippines’ camera clubs. More awards affirmed her artistic talent: she was two-time Imahe Club’s Photographer of the Year in 2008-2009. In 2009, she ranked 5th as Photographer of the Year in PhotoWorld Cup; shooting up to 3rd in 2010.She is also a speaker in Photo World Asia 2011. Lately she won in the international Photo Competition held in South Korea. She beat more than 500 entries from Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, USA and Canada to win the 2011 Asia-Pacific District Photographic Competition of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

She loves portraiture and landscapes, enjoying and portraying them with available light. After her photographer-husband Jon Carlos taught her Photoshop, Maricris got hooked on photo editing and doing layouts for weddings, and shortly thereafter her passion to create surreal images started.

Amorsoloesque is inspired by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, who art depicts Filipino Culture and way of life amid the back lighted scenic Philippine scapes.

Maricris is now doing photography workshops. Lately, she conducted a highly successful “Amorsoloesque” workshop in Singapore, It was attended by Singaporeans, Indonesians, Malaysians, Indians, Vietnamese as well as Filipino expats.
It was a great success as every single attendee learned the Amorsoloesque tips and Techniques.
The participants output were astounding, It piqued everyone’s dormant creative mind.And as what Amorsoloesque is all about..It is a learning opportunity.

“Amorsoloesque is a learning technique,” says Kris, “the only limit is your imagination.”

Best in Portrait FPPF Basic Class 2007
Photographer of the Class FPPF Advance Class 2007
Larawang Pinoy ” Best in Portrait” ( Natural Light) 2008
PWCN Photo of the Year ” Raindrops” 2008
Photo Of the Month ” Silent Scream” 2008
PWC ” Ang Pasko ay Sumapit“5th/6th and 11th Place
PWC “Still Life” 1st Place/2nd Place 2009
PWC “Filipiniana” 1st Place/6th place 2009
PWC “Bayan ko” 3rd Place 2009
PWC ” Enviromental Portrait” 6th Place 2009
PWC “Heal The World” 3rd and 8th Place 2010
PWC ” Street w/no Names” 3rd Place
PWC “Beutiful Flaws of Nature” 8th Place 2010
PWC ” All Rice” 3rd and 5th Place 2010
PWC 5th Place Photographer of the Year 2009
PWC 3rd Place Photographer of the Year 2010
Imahe’s Photographer of the Year 2008
Imahe’s Photographer of the Year 2009
Scott Kelby‘s Representative ( Intramuros Leg 2009)
“Silent Scream” shortlisted Lee Make History 2008
Manila Bulletin Photographer of the Week 2009
Nlex ” Ilove NLEX” 2nd place Motorista Category
PPA Winner Competition of America ” Lonely Man” and ” Angst” 2011
Speaker ” Digital Art/Graphic Design” Convention 2011(La Salle Dasma)
Speaker “PhotoWorld Asia 2011”

So what will you say? An Icon .. A Master .. A Woman … 🙂

Here’s some shots behinde the scene .. photoshoot during that workshop.

The Models .. The Hair and  Make-up Artist.. The Set .. The Laptops ..

Set up thier Laptop .. Watcher on the side lol .. and The wall Lamp!

and me with Natalia a Russian Model who stands at 6″ flat i guess ..

and here’s the talented Fashion Designer and Hair and Make – up in Abu Dhabi ..

and here’s my classmates in Amorosloeque Workshop .. Joy and Shirley we are the only girls ..

and 1..2..3.. click !!!! they said shout … hahah and the three person who travel from QATAR just to attend this amazing workshop and people from RUWAIS special mention of Mr.Marcelo Dongon a very funny guy and the only diffrent nationality is Mr. Dushyant Nagpal from India.

Thanks to Sir Jon Bucks Carlos fo Assistant Facilitator .. Super duper Kind … (ung t-shirt sir jon) lol 🙂

and here’s my piece of work  …


Before and After my work … it’s my first time to do this . hopefully not bad .. lol

and here’s the second ..


Ooohh i love this one (for me) and also my first time to do this …

That’s all folks … just sharing my another amazing experience to work with an ICON and a MASTER …

and to the organizer of this event MEGAFIREFLY PHOTOGRAPHY … so much appreciated for them and the rest of the team.

till next photo shoot …

Ciao … Massalama … Paalam 🙂


Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras

The Sunset in Middle East

Why everyone’s like sunset?  Like me, i feel that while am watching the sunset it’s so romantic and sitting beside of your special someone is the best thing do in our life. One day afternoon,  me and my friend we decided to stop the car just to witness the beautiful sunset. The beauty of nature is priceless and it’s giving you different kind of happiness.  So, we  stop the car on the side street and grab my camera and take a shots of this amazing sunset …   Here’s my photo and i want to share to everyone.

I love the sunset every part of the world

This is my story .. my Travel and my Photography.

Words and Images Copyright 2011

By: Pinaybyaheras

Glamour Dolls Rock

Another challenging photoshoot for me for this beautiful ladies.  I am not a professional photographer but i’ll do all my best to make the result’s amazing.

But before that i just want to show some photo behind the scene…here we go…

The Fashion Designer: Tim Rios Tejares

The Models … having rest

C.I.A – caught in the act ..

Part time MOWDEL …. strike a pose!!!

The Shooters ….


What is the concept of the Photoshoot?

Today, is like a dream come true it’s a “Glamourous Dolls” i remember when i was a child i always wanted to have a beautiful doll and now it’s in front of me

not a toy but a REAL ONE for my photoshoot.  Here’s the five  type’s of dolls that i will gonna make busy for me today.

One of the Glamour Doll’s  she’s not included in the first picture and here she is a beautiful woman and i took this shots so many times like what i’ve said am not a professional

photographer so it takes time for me or a hundred times for me to take a shoot before i caught her beautiful pose.

Here’s the other picture of my photoshoot!

Model : Hon Decloedt

Model: Halina Warwas

Model: Ana Maria Dobra

Model: Sweet Celeste

This is all what i’ve got from my lens and am thanking my friends who’s always willing to help me to get a beautiful shot’s to this beautiful

models … until next shoot and thanks for reading my simple blog.

Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras 2011

Exploring Sibale Island, Romblon Philippines

The philippines is known to have some beautiful beaches and white sands in the whole world – In the past two years ago April 2009,  me and my outdoor friends decided to visit this small town of Sibale Island located in Romblon in a visaya’s part of Philippines.

Coconut TreesBefore we reach the other island we pass by all this young cococnut palm trees and it was a simply amaze.

White Sands – this is my friend (kitty) i took this photo including her as a subject of my photography.

Proper Town – This is the main proper of Sibale, Romblon most of the locals are living in this place (called bayan) you will feel thier  hospitality as nature of a filipino’s.

 Transportation – yes it is from bayan to island it takes 5 minutes to ride on this motor boat were so lucky that time because this boat is belongs to the mayor of Sibale.

Breath Taking AfternoonLast but not least .. this place a theraphy for me from the birds singing while your taking rest and the winds it will whispers on your ears all of this is appreciatte what God‘s creations in our world.

For more details about Sibale Island check out this link  enjoy exploring.

And i keep continuing exploring myself to any beaches.

Mt. Jebel Hafeet Al Ain, One Foggy Afternoon

We had another ” foggy day” last week  in Al Ain City.

Jebel Hafeet is a mountain primarily in the United Arab Emirates in the city of Al Ain is one of  the seven Emirates.The mountain is actually stradllers part of the border of OMAN.Jebel Hafeet is also known as a tourist attractions they have a natural cave winds through Jebel Hafeet.

The road scales the mountains and ends at the parking lot with only a hotel and a palace belonging to the country rulers. Jabel HAfeet is also a challenge for the cyclist who frequently come over to train and international riderstake part of the 8% average ascent of the mountains.

And were still on the road and it’s hard for my husband to drive because of the zero visibility on the road.But we keep on moving but slowly until finally we reach our destinations on the top of the Jebel Hafeet.

My daughter (maryam) and she’s only 1 year old and 4 months she enjoyed the coldness of this foggy thing and for me i cannot tolerate thiscoldness comes from nowhere … but i enjoyed a lot because in my country (Philippines) we don’t have this crazy freezing fog.