The hidden falls of Mt. Maranat

Nature is one of the best creature from our almighty God. 

Lately, i found myself liking the falls, which is i really don’t like the water co’z one of the reason is…  i don’t know how to swim (lol) but here in a hidden place of this mountain ..tatay (father when i call him) Nestor is the one who knew the place…let’s say for a very long time.

Just wanted to show you some of my photo. ….


Behind of this huge rock .. where i found the hidden beauty of mini falls.


              I fell in love ….♥♥♥


                   With my friends …
         view of Mt. Balagbag, Rizal.

Location: Mt. Maranat, Norzagaray Bulacan, Philippines.

     Photo Credited by: Ace Modar

Copyright words and images by: pinaybyaheras 2013