Mt. Batulao – My Scary Night Trek and Year End Climb in 2011

During my vacation in Philippines me and my mountaineers friends are decided to climb in Mt. Batulao as a year-end climb and that was December 17-18 of 2011.  Me and my buddy Jom De Castro we take a last trip going to Nasugbo Batangas and i was so worried that we can’t cath the bus in Pasay – Edsa Terminal and of course i am always panic but my buddy jom he was so cool.  And finally were heading to Nasugbu and we reached around 12:45 midnight and the road was surround by darkness only the source of light is the post which is stand on the road.  We fix ourselves and our things and before we move on one stick of cigarette.

We start to move and the place was so dark and the dog on the street is non stop barking to us he think were strangers in that place and we keep on moving and keep asking so many questions to jom just to forget my fear that night.  But the dark is getting darker in the road.  And i really don’t know if i am the only one saw this shadow’s seating in the small bench,  i open my headlamp and trying to see if someone is there but i saw (someone like a shadow) .. my eye couldn’t lie .. i saw something but i don’t want to tell jom or else he will be afraid too.  We keep moving and moving and moving until we reach one barangay and it’s  two-way .. which one? Left or Right? We decided to go left … the weather is unfriendly start to rain and i decided to call our friends they are already in the Peak 8 campsite I’m calling iggy, jaycee but no one answering the phone until no more signal in that area. Jom told me this is not the way to Mt. Batulao the road is not cement so we decided to get back from the letter Y road, lucky us we saw a couple and we ask which way heading to Mt. Batulao and finally we go to the right way.

two hours of trekking from jump-off up to peak 8 camp site the weather is not really good our night trek is full of adventure first thing:

  1. Head lamp battery is down
  2. It was raining while on our way
  3. Too windy
  4. Only one source of light were using and that is Jom’s mobile flashlight (thank god)

And finally we reached Peak 1 and it’s written in the small placard the distance is not to far and that’s makes me happy and finally the peak 8 our camp site.  We are so wet and full of mud. But it doesn’t matter the adventure is always exciting.

Here’s some picture’s :

from left Jaycee, Iggy, Arian, Nino, me, kris and Debi

 my favorite shots .. thank you Debi 😀

eating pamatay na bulalo in Tagaytay .

One of the best climb for me even it’s too scary at night. From the Evercrest entrance it take 1- 2 hours, you may cross the highway to avail of the makeshift shower areas in the sari-sari stores. After the Batulao climb, we decided to eat the most delicious food in town the Bulalo soup in  downtown of Tagaytay.


Mt. Batulao – Nasugbo Batangas

From Pinoy Mountaineer Specs :

Jump-off point: Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu

 LLA: 14.0408 N 120.8011 E 811 MASL Days required /

Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-4 hours

Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9,

Trail class 3 with 60-70 degrees assault

New to Old Trail

0400 ETD bus terminal in EDSA-Taft via Crow Bus Lines to Nasugbu, Batangas (P155.00) 0715 Arrival at Evercrest 0730 Start trek 0845 Arrival at Fork. Take the middle/slightly right upward trail
0930 Arrival at New Trail Campsite. Rest / Register.
1030 Arrival at summit; early lunch 1200 Start descent via Old Trail, which is opposite the New Trail at the summit
1300 Arrival at New Trail Campsite. Register again.
1530 Back at Evercrest; clean-up at nearby sari-sari store
1600 ETD for Tagaytay by jeepney (P30.00) 1630 ETA Tagaytay; anything goes from here

Concern about :

For the Public Transportation : Edsa – Pasay Station and take the Nasugbu-bound bus that passes by Tagaytay. As of 2012, the fare is P155. Tell the conductor that you are getting off at Evercrest. From there, take a tricycle (P25/person for a group of 4) or just walk to the jump off. You can also get the number of the tricycle driver so he can fetch you on your way back.

For the Private Transportation: Heading to  Tagaytay via SLEX (take Sta. Rosa exit and follow through) and make a right turn upon reaching the Tagaytay Rotonda,  going all the way beyond Tagaytay Public Market and past the marker welcoming you to Nasugbu. Evercrest is just a little past KM. 72. Inside Evercrest, go straight then make a left turn. You can either park in the village (take the right, downward road) or follow through and randomly park in the road, or fall for some ‘parking spaces’ that locals have created for P100/day.

Guides:  Kid guides would offer their services to guide hikers, particularly on weekends and the summer vacation, when they have no classes. The guidance fee is usually negotiable.

Fees:   There are two ‘registration areas’ in Mt. Batulao, one at Camp 1 of the Old Trail, and the other at the New Trail Campsite. In either campsite, it’s P20 for a day hike and P30 for an overnight. If doing Old-New or New-Old, you will pay P30 in the trail where you’re camping, and P20 where you’re just passing by. Thus, the maximum a person will pay in an overnight climb is P50. Just like in many areas, these registration may or may not have any legal basis, and thus receipts are not necessarily issued.

Enjoy your life to the fullest ….

Words and Images Copyright 2011

By: Pinaybyaheras