What Your favorite Color Says About You?

Each person in this world has a favorite color, we are using this in many things.  I am a woman who like’s to mix match my clothes for my daily routine.  I got my shoes, bags, accessories. And sometimes need to find which color is fitted to my wall and to my  backyard and so .. so.  But not only for that, each type of colors if reflecting to us.  Color affects every part of our lives, our emotions, our health.  And what colors we like tell us who we are.

While i’m walking inside the mall it takes me a minute to stand infront of this mannequin with a heart shape headed woman and the man’s headed shapes of lips.  I just said to myself this is so cool and it’s  full of love and sorrounded by beautiful colors of heart.  I feel that i am so in love that moment.  I took my camera and i make a very quick shot to this mannequin couple.  And now i am so inspired to write because of what i saw.

and another one this is how you called a “Spin-N-Win” another sets of different colors i am just wondering what’s going on today? Today is my brightiest day? Sounds funny but it’s true.

and even my chocolates so amazing colors … at this time i believe that today is my colorful day! 

The Meaning of Your Favorite Color

Red — Ambitious, energetic, extroverted
Pink — Affectionate, compassionate, romantic
Maroon — Sensuous, friendly, emotional
Orange — Fun-loving, action-oriented, competent
Peach — Gentle, charitable, enthusiastic
Yellow — Optimistic, expressive, people-oriented
Mint green — Modest, insightful, kind-hearted
Apple green — Innovative, adventuresome, self-motivated
Green — Benevolent, service-oriented, scientific
Teal — Idealistic, faithful, sentimental
Light blue — creative, perceptive, imaginative
Dark Blue — Intelligent, responsible, self-reliant
Mauve — Delicate, reserved, sensitive
Purple — Intuitive, spiritual, insightful
Beige — Practical, well-adjusted, steadfast
Brown — Down to earth, honest, supportive
Black — Disciplined, strong-willed, opinionated
White — Individualistic, lonely, low self-esteem
Gray — Passive, noncommittal, stressed
Silver — Honorable, chivalrous, romantic
Gold — Idealistic, noble, successful

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” – John Ruskin

Words and Images Copyright 2012