Glamour Dolls Rock

Another challenging photoshoot for me for this beautiful ladies.  I am not a professional photographer but i’ll do all my best to make the result’s amazing.

But before that i just want to show some photo behind the scene…here we go…

The Fashion Designer: Tim Rios Tejares

The Models … having rest

C.I.A – caught in the act ..

Part time MOWDEL …. strike a pose!!!

The Shooters ….


What is the concept of the Photoshoot?

Today, is like a dream come true it’s a “Glamourous Dolls” i remember when i was a child i always wanted to have a beautiful doll and now it’s in front of me

not a toy but a REAL ONE for my photoshoot.  Here’s the five  type’s of dolls that i will gonna make busy for me today.

One of the Glamour Doll’s  she’s not included in the first picture and here she is a beautiful woman and i took this shots so many times like what i’ve said am not a professional

photographer so it takes time for me or a hundred times for me to take a shoot before i caught her beautiful pose.

Here’s the other picture of my photoshoot!

Model : Hon Decloedt

Model: Halina Warwas

Model: Ana Maria Dobra

Model: Sweet Celeste

This is all what i’ve got from my lens and am thanking my friends who’s always willing to help me to get a beautiful shot’s to this beautiful

models … until next shoot and thanks for reading my simple blog.

Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras 2011