Picnic at the Park

Thank God is Thursday short  for TGIT yes this is our groups name of my fellow beautiful friends.  But this time we made it as a Friday and  friday is a holiday here in Abu Dhabi.  We went to the park and the weather is so cool we make  BBQ Festival like shrimp bbq, fish bbq, chicken bbq .. oh yeah we love to eat.

And here’s my girlfriends preparing the chicken marinated to put in the stick and that is Carmina wearing cherish red shirt and on your left side is Aileen wearing cotton blue summer dress with her scarp .. and in the middle, that’s Nadzie with my cutie daughter Maryam.

Each of us we bring food to grilled in the park and soda’s and sweet as well.  Plus the non – stop story .. lol!

Busy at work … and i am the photographer of the day!

We spent our weekends as a simple bonding like this and sometime it depends on the  weather and if it’s summer we stay at one of the TGIT girlfriends flat.  We do this to release our stress from busy working five (5) days of work.  And we’re glad we enjoyed each other.

This place is located  at the back of Hilton Hotel Abu Dhabi.

My girlfriends is having fun

Maryam said: Tita Nadz say cheeze ….  

Aileen’s baby

and it’s time to go home but before that anothe one great shot to the ladies

Till next time ladies … Massalama for now!

Words and Images Copyright 2012

 By: Pinaybyaheras