Watershed, Sheltering Life!

I am proud that I lived in a province of Bulacan.  I’m from City of San Jose Del Monte. This is all about water “OUR WATER” is very important of every Filipino families in every part of the Philippines.


Entrance of AREP Ecology Centre


at the view deck


it feels like your in the other side of the world, just awesome!


mountain view and a beautiful Angat Dam


me and my friend .. we’re just talking about how beautiful this place!


me and the cast full moon! (lol) Why Full Moon? because we found ourselves craziest that day we are freaking happy


and me: Selfie Queen (lol)


this is the AREP Ecology Center.

13239214_1739049369713514_1202962818065050297_nmore infos from AREP Museum


entrance of AREP ECO CENTRE





 Angat Dam



The reservoir supplies about 90 percent of raw water requirements for Metro Manila through the facilities of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System  and it irrigates about 28,000 hectares of farmland in the provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga.

Angat Dam is located in Barangay San Lorenzo (Hilltop), Norzagaray, Bulacan. It supplies potable water to Metro Manila and powers a hydro-electric power plant. The dam is 131 meters high and impounds water from the Angat River that subsequently created the Angat Lake.

It has three gates opening a total of 1.5 meters to gradually release water that had accumulated due to incessant rains during typhoons.







>I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. ~George Washington Carver

Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras May 2016


Paniquian: River Trail Traveres

Got a perfect timing for this invitation from a friend of mine.

Guess what? From Sir Sky Biscocho (ang bumutas ng trail ng Mt. Mariveles) i never hesitate to join to this event.  Pack my things and be preferred for the next climb.

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Anawangin Cove, Zambales : Chillin’ with the Best Buddies

Way back 1996  looking back in my college days were freshmen students in Trinity College of Quezon City. Marjorie and I are classmate in most of the subjects and at first were not really friends at all we have a little fight because of one student ( that’s the start we hate each other..lol).  And if i have a break i usually to sit in the canteen just to eat and one day i saw Jerome (he’s looking good and looks very kind) but of course i don’t talk to the strangers. I didn’t realize that this two lovely person is taking a space in my heart. We are jive in so many things specially the mountaineering activities.  We have lot’s of good memories and  we treated each other as a real  brother and sisters.

In 2009, i decided to visit Philippines i work and lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I am so stressed in my work and i need a break.  I contacted Jerome by the way there’s a little bit changing of his name  call him  Jom he told me to join with them ( his office mates ) and i definitively agree.  Then i heard that Marjorie is on vacation too from her work,  calling her as Meg now.   I am so excited to this trip .. Anawangin Cove here i come.

We meet up in Victory Liner Caloocan Monumento Station.  While waiting for the other backpackers we decided to buy something to eat. Then later on the bus is move and  After three hours of travelling from Manila to San Antonio Public Market then after that we take a tricycle going to Pundaquit and from Pundaquit we need to rent a motor boat (banka) for another ride. This boat will take us in Anawangin Cove Island.

waiting for our rented motor boat (banka) … priceless views of the beauty of nature!

 morning view after we travel from the bus .. it’s really worth to wait ;D … ohhh summer breeze makes me feel fine! 😀

a formation of beautiful rocks and crystal blue water welcoming to us

and finally here we are .. another take shot .. we are obsessed ( not really obviously .. 😀  )

green thing ….

dried leaves by the tress …

The whole cast!  Meeting new friends is one of the best thing to do …

and one more thing if you use this wooden table and chair you have to  pay  because it’s a rental but it doesn’t matter it’s a big help for our group to use this table .  Time to prepare what’s for the lunch ;D

Grilled fish ( inihaw na isda ) plus yummy grilled egg-plant ( inihaw na talong) meet our chef  ..  Norman and his assistant 😉

Chef  Kim …  ( craving for her cook .. yummy indeed )

our four  tents ..

the rainbow after the rain

beach and mountains

left side view

hammock .. to the max ( sleeping ) if you could  see at my back ground  it’s Pine Trees  (yes a pine trees ) in the place which is not cold area .. just wondering a pine trees in Zambales.


A simple plan it ends to a  brilliant vacation.  We didn’t spend a lot’s of money on this trip and eveni travelled in the most expensive place and i couldn’t find the real beauty of nature and the amazing people who i newly met.

“Beneath the light, the river and hills are beautiful,
The spring breeze bears the fragrance of flowers and grass.
The mud has thawed, and swallows fly around.
On the warm sand, mandarin ducks are sleeping.”
 – Du Fu

Photo Credited by :

Jom De Castro

Esquelito “kim” Pablo

Florence Herrera



Words Copyright 2012

By: Pinaybyaheras

The Hidden Beauty of Kalba Fujairah

After 10 years of living in Abu Dhabi way back 2007 is my first time to visit Fujairah one of the seven Emirates of United Arab.  It’s just because when i came in this country there’s no chance to go out and to visit some  places.  And the usual thing, busy at work plus overtime.

Well, let’s start in the road going to Kalba in Fujairah. So excited to go there because it was my first time. From the beginning i know that this place is a province no big malls no tallest buildings .. and yes this is what I’m looking for. Something new .. “Mountains” but the mountains here is not the usual mountains that you would see .. it’s a “rock mountain” yes it’s a  solid rock and there’s no trees.  I saw some few tress but it was too dry because of the heat.  After almost four hour of  driving from Abu Dhabi to Kalba and finally here we are.

It was friday afternoon on our way  we saw a fighting toro, here some of my shot. Pleas, excuse the unclear shot.

Fighting Toro  ( local people outdoor sports)

ooppss .. Donkey crossing the road ;D

Kalba Bridge

Found this people picking crabs on a low tide lake (interesting) plus the beautiful background the mountain

after the kalba bridge on the left side i found this amazing view

another great view

far away view .. the white buildings over there is an Ice Factory.

Dessert Sands meet Lake

while driving i took a quick shot from this group Emirati Men with their 4×4 wheels

Dove .. looking some place to landing

and ME .. thinking what’s the NEXT DESTINATION ;D


I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in
the breeze.
 – William Wordsworth

Words and Images Copyright 2012

By: Pinaybyaheras

Feel the Summer in Cove Rotana Resort

It’s summer time here in Abu Dhabi and it’s time for beach bumming with my friends.  We have a long ride from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah and it took three hours for us to reach the place.  But here we are and ready for the Summer Escapades.  The Cove Rotana Resort where the traditional charm embraces the uniqueness of the Arabian culture. located on an idyllic water inlet on the Ras Al Khaimah beachfront overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Welcome Greeting

Rooms and Villas

This way pleases ….

Our Room 3003 in Villa

Beach Bumming in Sunset Pool

The Cove Rotana Massage

Break Water

Front of our Villa 3003

unforgettable scene at night

Cinnamon Resto an awesome breakfast we had .. still i can taste the food

let’s have some walk to the place

The Cove Rotana Resort Exterior with lagoon

Bridge way to the Beach  

views from the Beach

We really enjoy the place and we have a Blast Summer Escapades in Rotana Cove Resorts.

Who does not love the sea? The beach is a place of healing and joy. The salt  cleanses us and the sun embraces us in its warmth. The ocean heals the heart,  mind, and soul. – Anonymous

Location: Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates


Words and Images Copyright 2012

By: Pinaybyaheras

Exploring Sultanate of Oman

I am expat living in Abu Dhabi for almost 9 years and as a human being i adopt the culture of the Arabian people and as I’ve said to myself I’m planning to travel in the GCC country or in any part of the Middle East.  I’m already here so i take the opportunity to travel in the neighbor country.  My first plan is Oman, Oman is the nearest country to United Arab Emirates and from Abu Dhabi to Muscat Oman it takes six hours non – stop driving.  And from Al Ain another city of UAE the border of Buraihmi Oman.  Me and my friends we plan to travel to Oman.  From Al Ain to the border of Buraihmi we need to pass to immigration of UAE to OMAN we pay the tourist fee its cost 250 dirham each person and the car registration as well. And after all this things we start to leave the place.  At the beginning of the road only few buildings you will see and most of it .. it’s a dessert and a rocky mountain surround.

From Buraihimi to Sohar City it’s about 3 hours and this is one of the side trip that we stop. 

Sohar Map

Sohar Beach : Sohar was traditionally a fishing town, but is more recently known as Oman’s industrial hub due to the massive developments in the Sohar Industrial Port.

Birds playing in the cold water

and loving to see the bubbly foam of seawater

and finally we reach the hotel and yes we’re not feeling tired coz we don’t want to waste our time

Grind Floor Bar at Raddisson SAS Hotel

me and my friend

 we decide to rent a boat to the lokal Omani people and  just to make satisfied ourself to see what’s behind of this sandy rock

amazing formation of rock behind us

Rocky Mountain

signboard in the main road

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque : the country’s massive Grand Mosque, the site of which spans an area of about 416,000 square metres, March 16, 2002

Dugm Beach: This beautiful beach is known for its soft, clean sands, its azure waters and cool breezes

Mutrah Cornich : It overlooks beautiful mountainous rocky formations and is one of the most gorgeous sites in the Governorate of Muscat

Muscat City Centre

and finally were craving for some food and we  found ourself in “The Art Cafe House” inside of Muscat City Centre.

Location: Muscat Oman

Words and Images Copyright 2012

By: Pinaybyaheras