Manila’s Sunset!

The City of Manila is located on the eastern shores of the Manila Bay in one of the finest harbors in the country.  Manila was also the seat of power for most of the country’s colonial rulers. It is the home to many historic sites, some of which were built during the 16th century. Anyway, I just want to share my weekends escapade and I am amazed to this awesome sunset that I saw.  Sunset4

This is the the center of Manila … and I love the reflections of the lights! So simple at night.

Sunset3One of the transportation in Manila Bay … 😀


“I know that I shall meet my fate somewhere among the clouds above; those that I fight I do not hate, those that I guard I do not love.”
W.B. Yeats

Sunset01 “It is a very beautiful day. The woman looks around and thinks: ‘there cannot ever have been a spring more beautiful than this. I did not know until now that clouds could be like this. I did not know that the sky is the sea and that clouds are the souls of happy ships, sunk long ago. I did not know that the wind could be tender, like hands as they caress – what did I know – until now?”
― Unica Zürn

That’s all for today fellah! Opps by the way, Photos are taken only from my iphoneSE and by my own words.

Pinaybyaheras 2017, Life is Unrepeatable Adventures



What Your favorite Color Says About You?

Each person in this world has a favorite color, we are using this in many things.  I am a woman who like’s to mix match my clothes for my daily routine.  I got my shoes, bags, accessories. And sometimes need to find which color is fitted to my wall and to my  backyard and so .. so.  But not only for that, each type of colors if reflecting to us.  Color affects every part of our lives, our emotions, our health.  And what colors we like tell us who we are.

While i’m walking inside the mall it takes me a minute to stand infront of this mannequin with a heart shape headed woman and the man’s headed shapes of lips.  I just said to myself this is so cool and it’s  full of love and sorrounded by beautiful colors of heart.  I feel that i am so in love that moment.  I took my camera and i make a very quick shot to this mannequin couple.  And now i am so inspired to write because of what i saw.

and another one this is how you called a “Spin-N-Win” another sets of different colors i am just wondering what’s going on today? Today is my brightiest day? Sounds funny but it’s true.

and even my chocolates so amazing colors … at this time i believe that today is my colorful day! 

The Meaning of Your Favorite Color

Red — Ambitious, energetic, extroverted
Pink — Affectionate, compassionate, romantic
Maroon — Sensuous, friendly, emotional
Orange — Fun-loving, action-oriented, competent
Peach — Gentle, charitable, enthusiastic
Yellow — Optimistic, expressive, people-oriented
Mint green — Modest, insightful, kind-hearted
Apple green — Innovative, adventuresome, self-motivated
Green — Benevolent, service-oriented, scientific
Teal — Idealistic, faithful, sentimental
Light blue — creative, perceptive, imaginative
Dark Blue — Intelligent, responsible, self-reliant
Mauve — Delicate, reserved, sensitive
Purple — Intuitive, spiritual, insightful
Beige — Practical, well-adjusted, steadfast
Brown — Down to earth, honest, supportive
Black — Disciplined, strong-willed, opinionated
White — Individualistic, lonely, low self-esteem
Gray — Passive, noncommittal, stressed
Silver — Honorable, chivalrous, romantic
Gold — Idealistic, noble, successful

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” – John Ruskin

Words and Images Copyright 2012


My Photowalk in 7 Emirates of United Arab

Abu Dhabi

One of my hobby is to take some photo’s while on my way in each part of the place.  I live in Abu Dhabi one of the seven (7) cities of United Arab Emirates.  On my weekend i used to travel in Dubai from my place it takes one hour and 15 minutes by car, in Dubai lot’s of places u have to go to .. variety of malls .. beaches …hotels .. baywalk.  Not only Dubai .. and the rest of the seven (7) emirates .. been too as well.

The United Arab Emirates, is a federation situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia and sharing sea borders with Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Iran. The seven (7) Emirates is  Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. The capital is Abu Dhabi, which is also the country’s center of political, industrial and cultural activities.

Everywhere i go … my camera is always with me, ready to click and ready for an adventure… i like to travel and to take some photo’s in different places.


Al Ain


Umm Al Quain

Ras Al Khaimah


A Friend of Mine


Yes, after a couple of year he’s back again talking to me and at this time we’re in good friends now.  Everything is fine to us now .. no more saddness!  Thank you lord for your kindness.  This month of February is truly a month of heart ..

I know one day you will read this blog of mine …. and you will know how still you important to me.

I have so many questions need to ask .. but i prepared to be quite and it could be you don’t want it.  So, i just contented to ask you as a normal way.

Glad your back and hopefully start’s a new beggining for us .. as a very good friend.

Here’s your shot .. if you remember?




“Amorsoloesque is a learning technique,” says Kris, “the only limit is your imagination.”  This is a million dollar answer of Ms. Maricris Fabi-Carlos.

Why should i like her and what’s her capavility?

Only one answer i can tell she’s very unique and a very strong woman as i’ve ever seen, a down to earth person.

 At first, am hesitating to ask some questions on my work doing amorsoloesque but then she come to me and ask what i need to do and even i ask her so many times to come on my place to ask for more i don’t feel any problem with that and i like the way she teach.

Here’s some summary of her Basic Information

Her passion for the art started when her father introduced her to sketching and oil painting when she was younger. In 2007, she took basic and advanced photography courses at the FPPF( Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation), finishing at the top of her class. In the same year, she went on to win Photo of the Year 2008 with her “Raindrops” entry in the PhotoWorld Cup Network, a tough competition of the best photographers among the Philippines’ camera clubs. More awards affirmed her artistic talent: she was two-time Imahe Club’s Photographer of the Year in 2008-2009. In 2009, she ranked 5th as Photographer of the Year in PhotoWorld Cup; shooting up to 3rd in 2010.She is also a speaker in Photo World Asia 2011. Lately she won in the international Photo Competition held in South Korea. She beat more than 500 entries from Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, USA and Canada to win the 2011 Asia-Pacific District Photographic Competition of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

She loves portraiture and landscapes, enjoying and portraying them with available light. After her photographer-husband Jon Carlos taught her Photoshop, Maricris got hooked on photo editing and doing layouts for weddings, and shortly thereafter her passion to create surreal images started.

Amorsoloesque is inspired by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, who art depicts Filipino Culture and way of life amid the back lighted scenic Philippine scapes.

Maricris is now doing photography workshops. Lately, she conducted a highly successful “Amorsoloesque” workshop in Singapore, It was attended by Singaporeans, Indonesians, Malaysians, Indians, Vietnamese as well as Filipino expats.
It was a great success as every single attendee learned the Amorsoloesque tips and Techniques.
The participants output were astounding, It piqued everyone’s dormant creative mind.And as what Amorsoloesque is all about..It is a learning opportunity.

“Amorsoloesque is a learning technique,” says Kris, “the only limit is your imagination.”

Best in Portrait FPPF Basic Class 2007
Photographer of the Class FPPF Advance Class 2007
Larawang Pinoy ” Best in Portrait” ( Natural Light) 2008
PWCN Photo of the Year ” Raindrops” 2008
Photo Of the Month ” Silent Scream” 2008
PWC ” Ang Pasko ay Sumapit“5th/6th and 11th Place
PWC “Still Life” 1st Place/2nd Place 2009
PWC “Filipiniana” 1st Place/6th place 2009
PWC “Bayan ko” 3rd Place 2009
PWC ” Enviromental Portrait” 6th Place 2009
PWC “Heal The World” 3rd and 8th Place 2010
PWC ” Street w/no Names” 3rd Place
PWC “Beutiful Flaws of Nature” 8th Place 2010
PWC ” All Rice” 3rd and 5th Place 2010
PWC 5th Place Photographer of the Year 2009
PWC 3rd Place Photographer of the Year 2010
Imahe’s Photographer of the Year 2008
Imahe’s Photographer of the Year 2009
Scott Kelby‘s Representative ( Intramuros Leg 2009)
“Silent Scream” shortlisted Lee Make History 2008
Manila Bulletin Photographer of the Week 2009
Nlex ” Ilove NLEX” 2nd place Motorista Category
PPA Winner Competition of America ” Lonely Man” and ” Angst” 2011
Speaker ” Digital Art/Graphic Design” Convention 2011(La Salle Dasma)
Speaker “PhotoWorld Asia 2011”

So what will you say? An Icon .. A Master .. A Woman … 🙂

Here’s some shots behinde the scene .. photoshoot during that workshop.

The Models .. The Hair and  Make-up Artist.. The Set .. The Laptops ..

Set up thier Laptop .. Watcher on the side lol .. and The wall Lamp!

and me with Natalia a Russian Model who stands at 6″ flat i guess ..

and here’s the talented Fashion Designer and Hair and Make – up in Abu Dhabi ..

and here’s my classmates in Amorosloeque Workshop .. Joy and Shirley we are the only girls ..

and 1..2..3.. click !!!! they said shout … hahah and the three person who travel from QATAR just to attend this amazing workshop and people from RUWAIS special mention of Mr.Marcelo Dongon a very funny guy and the only diffrent nationality is Mr. Dushyant Nagpal from India.

Thanks to Sir Jon Bucks Carlos fo Assistant Facilitator .. Super duper Kind … (ung t-shirt sir jon) lol 🙂

and here’s my piece of work  …


Before and After my work … it’s my first time to do this . hopefully not bad .. lol

and here’s the second ..


Ooohh i love this one (for me) and also my first time to do this …

That’s all folks … just sharing my another amazing experience to work with an ICON and a MASTER …

and to the organizer of this event MEGAFIREFLY PHOTOGRAPHY … so much appreciated for them and the rest of the team.

till next photo shoot …

Ciao … Massalama … Paalam 🙂


Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras

The Sunset in Middle East

Why everyone’s like sunset?  Like me, i feel that while am watching the sunset it’s so romantic and sitting beside of your special someone is the best thing do in our life. One day afternoon,  me and my friend we decided to stop the car just to witness the beautiful sunset. The beauty of nature is priceless and it’s giving you different kind of happiness.  So, we  stop the car on the side street and grab my camera and take a shots of this amazing sunset …   Here’s my photo and i want to share to everyone.

I love the sunset every part of the world

This is my story .. my Travel and my Photography.

Words and Images Copyright 2011

By: Pinaybyaheras