Lusong Cove with Us … and a thief? Oh’ C’mon!

I am very thankful to my fellah boy and girl friends for organizing this trip.  We have so much fun and unstoppable food trip! Grilled chicken and fish + delicious corn soup + yummy white rice + soda to the max = Happy tummy. We have a simple food but the bonds that we have right now is un-explainable.
Swimming under the sun ?.
Laughter and so much fun ✨ Thank you guys for the wonderful and awesome trip.


Back packs and some of us is ready to ride with the small banka


I still loved it .. even under the sun!


and we almost there .. and I feel the adrenaline .. wohooooo!!!


surrounded by coconut tree


 almost front of the beach




more fun in so many different kinds of stories (kulitan)


me ….


Sara and her slipper


semi white sand


enjoying under the sun


the beach is calm and so relaxing


till next adventure girls!

And how should a beautiful, ignorant stream of water know it heads for an early release — out across the desert, running toward the Gulf, below sea level, to murmur its lullaby, and see the Imperial Valley rise out of burning sand with cotton blossoms, wheat, watermelons, roses, how should it know? ~Carl Sandburg, Good Morning America, 1928

How to get there:

Genesis Bus: Bus Transit Schedule :

  • Avenida – Mariveles 4:00 a.m.(first trip) 7:30 p.m (last trip)
  • Pasay – Mariveles 1:00 a.m (first trip) 7:30 p.m. (last trip)

Tell to the conductor you can drop them by in Porto Market Mariveles.

Here’s also the address of Genesis Bus:

Cubao terminal location:
704 EDSA Corner New York St., Cubao, Quezon City
(northbound EDSA, walking distance from MRT Araneta Center – Cubao station and LRT 2 Cubao Station)

Avenida Bus Station:
Rizal Avenue corner Doroteo Jose
Sta. Cruz, Manila
(northbound Avenida, just near LRT Doroteo Jose Station and LRT 2 Recto Station)

Genesis Transport Contact Number:
Call these telephone numbers for inquiries, bus fares: +63.2.709.0803; +63.2.421.1425
– See more at:

Porto Market  ( you can buy anything in wet and dry market (complete meal), you have to bring as well water container for your own mineral water).

Take a trike going to Porto Proper (P50.00 per head)

Boat/Banka Ride one way going to Lusong Cove is P1,000.00 it depends to the bankero’s if it’s two way.  So if it’s two ways you can ask for a discounts. (Sorry we didn’t get the number of the bangkero).

If your now in Lusong Cove, there is two resort awaits for you there.  That time that we reach Lusong Cove both resorts are full and they’ve told us we cannot accommodate all of us.  So we decided to stay in one abandoned place which is in front as well in the beach.  But you have to be careful, if you pitch your own tent much better if you can fixed it near to your tent’s mates.  Why? because the last time one of our tents, the girls are screaming and calling us by names and telling there’s a thief.   Immediately the thief run away heading to the coconut trees until he fades away.  My friend said, she feels that there something in-front of her body and because she was sleeping she ignore it.  Until she fully wake up and saw the man (thief). All of us we go out from the tent and checked it one by one the tent if anything lost.  But thank god all of us are fine and safe except for this two girls.  They took the i-phone 4.  The contact numbers and some of her important PIN is in the phone.  We report immediately to the baranggay whats happen to us. And they said this is the second time. (sad to hear that).

This is the first time it happen and next time we are more alert and before we sleep we put our important things inside the bags.

So, if anyone wants to visit in Lusong Cove, choose the two resorts in that island for your safety.

Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras May 2016





How about you, Where is your summer get aways?

Here’s mine! My friends invite me to extend my beach summer.  First time in that place and I can say that “absolutely awesome” .

You can find Akasya Trees and I believe that she’s living for almost two decades.

             e  f

i h

11377327_10152937605847285_979742873576679840_n 11407014_10152937606107285_5679319508253817545_n 11412119_10152937606942285_7256202786192473891_n

1374908_10152937615212285_2345182652319527808_n 10433887_10152937619182285_8109947614335922899_n 11390003_10152937619087285_4160441293285139245_n 11390307_10152937619372285_8639860088323727445_n 11391299_10152937606787285_9181144542693580703_n 11393145_10152937614797285_5119974296678684994_n 11401000_10152937619822285_329258540369557759_n 11401028_10152937607467285_3008590393591758237_n 11406838_10152937620137285_3648683870466664583_n 11407002_10152937615117285_1711691911809982524_n 11407014_10152937620477285_2476286288864157754_n 11407028_10152937619272285_5513429045229189118_n 11418895_10152937614202285_377496521294268826_n b

Set amidst 24 hectares of rolling hills and white sand beaches, Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is a place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures – beautiful beaches, comfortable cottages, flower-filled gardens, gorgeous sunrises and breathtaking sunsets, happy moments and special celebrations.

Laughter, joy, fun, friendship and love. Wonderful memories are made at Stilts! – STILT CALATAGAN BATANGAS

You may contact them at this following no.s: 0917-5807653 / 0917-5237777 /0917-5863343 / 0908-8662254

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar    

Words and Images Copyright 2015

By: Pinaybyaheras

My first and awesome experience in Surfing

From summit of many mountains i found myself right now in the sand of the beach.  I miss this things,  swimming, seating front of the beach and now i have something to do.

My friend ask me to try surf, i said why not.  Nothing to loose if i tried.

And absolutely fantastic,  at the beginning i couldn’t stand on my board ( in short laging plakda) hahaha but it’s so awesome!

I promise to myself to be back … to surf again! Here’s some of my photo and checked it out!





My first and awesome experience in Surfing

“Riding a wave and learning to surf is one of the most fun and exciting experience you can have with nature. No matter what age, weight and ability, there is a wave out there for everyone!” – San Juan Surf School.

Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras 2014

Location: San Juan La Union, Philippines

“Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me.

 The ocean is so magnificent , peaceful and awesome.

The rest of the world disappears  for me when i’m on a wave”. – Paul Walker

Beautiful White Sand Beach in Borawan

What makes this beautiful island is one of my favorite beach in Southeast Asia. Travelers love it for uncrowded beaches at Borawan Beach. We travel here and we spent our weekends in this relaxing place.  2009 is my first visit in Padre Burgos, Quezon at first am just wondering how it looks like .. it is a white sands, pine trees, mountains surround at the beach.  And here we are just want to share with you guys the place that we visit.

Borawan Beach : As per Mang Arthur said ( our local guide) They are so proud in their place they called it little Boracay because of the white sand but for me i like more than this place because it’s uncrowded.

a beautiful clouds and amazing formation of rocks

another beautiful scene for me

flip-flops .. rayban shades

No idea what kind of fruit is this

let’s travel to another place

scene from the other side of Borawan Beach

i enjoy my sidetrip …

mountains and beach

nipa hut of Mang Arthur (our guide)

walking and at the same time relaxing

our tent

me and the beautiful sunset

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain

Location: Padre Burgos, Quezon Province, Philippines

Photo Credited by:

Mabu Perez

Jonel Candelaria

RC Napolitano

Words Copyright 2012

By: Pinaybyaheras

One of the Best Birthday I’ve Ever Had from Mountain to Sea


Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

Jump-off point: Philpan Dive Resort, Anilao, Mabini

LLA: 13°42’55″N; 120°53’43″E; 525 MASL Days required /

Hours to summit: Half-day / 1-2 hours Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2

 Birthday and my First Climb of the year 2012

“It’s a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you..but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday.”

Before my special days to come we (jaycee and kris)  decided to do it in the summit of Mt. Gulugod Baboy in Batangas ..  for a change! .. actually it’s one of my greatest dream, yes your right my greatest dream .. everyone has a greatest dream and mine is to celebrate in one of the summit of the mountains in Philippines.  We choose a minor one (minor climb) not to be tired for everyone (to our guest climbers). Just wanna show you guys who’s with me in my special day .. let’s start now.

My guest .. happy to see their presence

Sign Board “Batangas” from Public Transportation and Hot Bulalo with spicy sauce on the side + white rice

from jump off .. to the trail (cement?) really no idea .. so tiring to walk in the cement road 😦

Need to register each one of us in the logbook of the barangay and to pay as well.

Take 5 .. one of the lokals nipa hut (kubo) .. and while were taking rest the owner of this nipahut is listening some old jokes very loudly  from the radio and we keep on listening and we forgot that we need to move and one more thing .. the flavoured ice candy is so delicious!

 Bebe Bak Theen and Arjedh .. one of the naughtiest girl i’ve ever met but so sweet

my youngest climber ” Erica”  she’s so brave and funny a future mountaineer ;D  .. and me looks like dead in the grass land .. shame on me  hahahaha

breathaking sunset

yes it’s so tired but if you see a view like this .. beautiful scene .. perfect!

What food we have?

Grilled Pork (marinated)  as per my guest super delicious ( or might be their just

Spaghetti (filipino style) we cook the noodles hir in the summit and spaghetti sauce is done since last night … but we have a problem we don’t have a big bowl to mix the noodles and the spaghetti sauce. But my fellow mountaineers are so clever .. a black garbage bag ( but it’s clean and never used) we mixed the noodles and spaghetti sauce  inside the plastic and little bit a soft message on it .. and wallah ..  a SUPER DELICOIUS SPAGHETTI WE HAVE.

Adobong Manok (pambansang ulam) Tita Carol and i we prepared this dish over night … and the result is excellent.

Plain White Rice … hmm yummy perfect combination for the adobong Manok.

eating time … busy .. busy ..busy !!!!

Socials at night

Kris Paulette Bday Climbber (wearing pink jacket on top) and the Guest Climbers … 😉

Jaycee Catral (wearing light green shirt) a Birthday celebrant also and the rest of the guest mountaineers

my UNPAYABLE THERAPHY … greenery everywhere, fresh air .. thanks GOD that i’m alive

camp hir .. camp there .. camp everywhere ;D

View from the summit

one morning rainy days …

CAM and TUA Outdoors

Anilao Port .. after we climb .. next destination is beach ;D

fishing area … and next to wet market

Anilao Beach in Batangas .. let’s go ….

were on our way and for sure .. dont yeah ever forget to take pic with my guest

we stay in rented nipa hut (bahay kubo) and now we prepare the food and ready to eat

 corals and Jom

feeling great to sit in BALSA or floating hut

  and finally after all this outdoor activities … i found myself sleeping in a wooden chair of nipa hut … so tired but the happiness can’t compare and can’t buy to any store … i just wanted to thanks to all my friends to spend thier times for this simple event. Hopefully next year and see you ‘ll again … ;D

Words and Images Copyright 2012

By: Pinaybyaheras