My first and awesome experience in Surfing

From summit of many mountains i found myself right now in the sand of the beach.  I miss this things,  swimming, seating front of the beach and now i have something to do.

My friend ask me to try surf, i said why not.  Nothing to loose if i tried.

And absolutely fantastic,  at the beginning i couldn’t stand on my board ( in short laging plakda) hahaha but it’s so awesome!

I promise to myself to be back … to surf again! Here’s some of my photo and checked it out!





My first and awesome experience in Surfing

“Riding a wave and learning to surf is one of the most fun and exciting experience you can have with nature. No matter what age, weight and ability, there is a wave out there for everyone!” – San Juan Surf School.

Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras 2014

Location: San Juan La Union, Philippines

“Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me.

 The ocean is so magnificent , peaceful and awesome.

The rest of the world disappears  for me when i’m on a wave”. – Paul Walker

4 thoughts on “My first and awesome experience in Surfing

  1. I did my first surfing lesson on this surfing paradise of San Juan in October 2012. And early this year, I came back with confidence that I will do better… I love the sport and I will do it again when the opportunity comes despite the minor injury I got during my last visit. Despite the pain, the feeling is priceless!

    • Hello Reymor .. thanks for dropping by. At first everything is difficult but later on it will be okay. Enjoy and have fun. I love also sports specially mountain climbing’s. 😀

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