Missing Mt. Batulao

Yeah, it’s my 7th time to re visit Mt.Batulao.  Can’t say no to this lovely place, asking me why? In the first place it’ s so easy to be hir from my place Bulacan all u need to do is take a one ride bus it will cost for me an 90.00 pesos to reach Coastal Mall and from Coastal Mall transfer a bus going to Evercrest Golf and Country Club in Batangas it takes an hour without trafic and transpo fare is 104.00 pesos only.

Started to walk in jump off around 12:00 midnight with my closest friend and we reached the place at 2:00 am it was raining since we started to walk (ang swerte nga naman simula ng trek inulan na kame) but all we have to do is to enjoy the trek. .. full of mud .. slide everywhere .. and finally we reached peak 8 in Campsite. Fix the tent and we cleaned ourselves.  Time to eat, were so tired and next to get some sleep.

Good morning Mt. Batulao♥


View from our tent … so looks amazing!!!!   Soooo love ♥♥♥


     With my malong .. a little bit coldly!


            Stolen shot ♥♥♥


         Greenery in Mt. Batulao

Thanks for the all kinds of weather:
– rainy
– stargazing
– foggy
– cloudy
– sunny

All kinds of season for three days … and thanks to my best friend who liked the place.

Until next adventure!♥♥♥

Copyright and Words by: Pinaybyaheras 2013

Images by: normalphotography



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