The hidden falls of Mt. Maranat

Nature is one of the best creature from our almighty God. 

Lately, i found myself liking the falls, which is i really don’t like the water co’z one of the reason is…  i don’t know how to swim (lol) but here in a hidden place of this mountain ..tatay (father when i call him) Nestor is the one who knew the place…let’s say for a very long time.

Just wanted to show you some of my photo. ….


Behind of this huge rock .. where i found the hidden beauty of mini falls.


              I fell in love ….♥♥♥


                   With my friends …
         view of Mt. Balagbag, Rizal.

Location: Mt. Maranat, Norzagaray Bulacan, Philippines.

     Photo Credited by: Ace Modar

Copyright words and images by: pinaybyaheras 2013


6 thoughts on “The hidden falls of Mt. Maranat

  1. Hello! Mukhang interesting ung Mt. Maranat and we are planning to go there. Just want to ask if may contact po kayo na pwede i-hire na guide sa Mt. Maranat. Thanks!

    • Ms. Tan sorry for the late reply. Kahet ako po pwedeng mag guide sa inyo for free. ♥

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