The Hidden Beauty of Kalba Fujairah

After 10 years of living in Abu Dhabi way back 2007 is my first time to visit Fujairah one of the seven Emirates of United Arab.  It’s just because when i came in this country there’s no chance to go out and to visit some  places.  And the usual thing, busy at work plus overtime.

Well, let’s start in the road going to Kalba in Fujairah. So excited to go there because it was my first time. From the beginning i know that this place is a province no big malls no tallest buildings .. and yes this is what I’m looking for. Something new .. “Mountains” but the mountains here is not the usual mountains that you would see .. it’s a “rock mountain” yes it’s a  solid rock and there’s no trees.  I saw some few tress but it was too dry because of the heat.  After almost four hour of  driving from Abu Dhabi to Kalba and finally here we are.

It was friday afternoon on our way  we saw a fighting toro, here some of my shot. Pleas, excuse the unclear shot.

Fighting Toro  ( local people outdoor sports)

ooppss .. Donkey crossing the road ;D

Kalba Bridge

Found this people picking crabs on a low tide lake (interesting) plus the beautiful background the mountain

after the kalba bridge on the left side i found this amazing view

another great view

far away view .. the white buildings over there is an Ice Factory.

Dessert Sands meet Lake

while driving i took a quick shot from this group Emirati Men with their 4×4 wheels

Dove .. looking some place to landing

and ME .. thinking what’s the NEXT DESTINATION ;D


I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in
the breeze.
 – William Wordsworth

Words and Images Copyright 2012

By: Pinaybyaheras


10 thoughts on “The Hidden Beauty of Kalba Fujairah

  1. Its a nice discovery you have made…..i too have a busy schedule..and find myself hard to make time to explore my surroundings….but your post has soothed me for now….

    • Thank you Phenomenon for dropping by to my blog. I’m so glad that you like my post ;D

      I prepared to visit a remote area… rather than having party and malling. I’m a nature lover and i always in love to the places i’ve visit.

      Try for yourself to explore and remember life is full of surprices.

      Give some free time and have a relax ;D


      – Pinaybyaheras

    • Hello Lea .. Thanks forr stopping by to my blog i am so glad that you like it. I would suggest if you would like to visit Kalba Fujairah come on winter time. You know what is middle east when it comes to summer ;D … And i will help you more about the places ..

      Soon i will post another blog from Fujairah but from the place of Khor Fhakkan.

      Cheers ;D

    • Thanks for stopping by rommel .. i really dont have any full details of the fighting toro but as far as i know every friday and starts in the afternoon, But unlike Spanish and Portuguese bullfights, this one is with a difference — it is not bloody and there are no matadors and trophies. And Bullfighting is a tradition in Fujairah.

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