Ohh c’mon it’s 52*C

Ohh c'mon it's 52*C

Yes .. today is 52*C and i couldn’t imagine myself to walk outside. But it’s not new for me the past few years it happens every time in summer but NOT like today 52*C. Last night it was 45*C ohh this is terrible. How i wish the winter is coming.


6 thoughts on “Ohh c’mon it’s 52*C

  1. yep, this summer’s definitely hotter than previous years… i feel like fainting every morning waiting for the transport. haist. i do hope it gets cooler soon. and longer winter too. #CrossFingers 🙂

    • i am always thingking .. it might be the winter after ramadan? na’ah could be October? oouuff .. two more months ;( …

      Bring bottled water in case you feel dizzy! o kaya naman mauhaw ka lang ;D .. hahahaha 😀

      • yep i try to drink more water para may ipawis, toinks. sana nga lumamig na ng konti, baka matusta ako sa Doha sa Eid if i try to be out all the time to see outdoor sights hehe. wat to do yani? let’s pray makisama ang panahon…:)

        • Naku wag naman (matusta) sayang ang beauty ;D

          I’m sure you will enjoy your trip and always bring your camera and charger ;D wink.

          – Pinaybyaheras

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