The Sunset in Middle East

Why everyone’s like sunset?  Like me, i feel that while am watching the sunset it’s so romantic and sitting beside of your special someone is the best thing do in our life. One day afternoon,  me and my friend we decided to stop the car just to witness the beautiful sunset. The beauty of nature is priceless and it’s giving you different kind of happiness.  So, we  stop the car on the side street and grab my camera and take a shots of this amazing sunset …   Here’s my photo and i want to share to everyone.

I love the sunset every part of the world

This is my story .. my Travel and my Photography.

Words and Images Copyright 2011

By: Pinaybyaheras

Glamour Dolls Rock

Another challenging photoshoot for me for this beautiful ladies.  I am not a professional photographer but i’ll do all my best to make the result’s amazing.

But before that i just want to show some photo behind the scene…here we go…

The Fashion Designer: Tim Rios Tejares

The Models … having rest

C.I.A – caught in the act ..

Part time MOWDEL …. strike a pose!!!

The Shooters ….


What is the concept of the Photoshoot?

Today, is like a dream come true it’s a “Glamourous Dolls” i remember when i was a child i always wanted to have a beautiful doll and now it’s in front of me

not a toy but a REAL ONE for my photoshoot.  Here’s the five  type’s of dolls that i will gonna make busy for me today.

One of the Glamour Doll’s  she’s not included in the first picture and here she is a beautiful woman and i took this shots so many times like what i’ve said am not a professional

photographer so it takes time for me or a hundred times for me to take a shoot before i caught her beautiful pose.

Here’s the other picture of my photoshoot!

Model : Hon Decloedt

Model: Halina Warwas

Model: Ana Maria Dobra

Model: Sweet Celeste

This is all what i’ve got from my lens and am thanking my friends who’s always willing to help me to get a beautiful shot’s to this beautiful

models … until next shoot and thanks for reading my simple blog.

Words and Images Copyright by: Pinaybyaheras 2011