“A Dessert Radiance Workshop” by: Mr. Manny Librodo – Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

 Mr. Manny Librodo in Abu Dhabi ..  can’t wait tosee him personally.   Newbies in the field of photography and i really don’t have an idea how to use the tools of Photoshop but you can’t believe it’s my “FIRST” ever workshop in my entire life.   The Master and ICON of Photography Mr. Manny Librodo originally from Ilo Ilo is having workshop here in Abu Dhabi for 2 days.  Yes, i am so nervous and feeling strange (because i don’t have any idea of the photoshop) and his teaching Advance Photography.  Cross finger i sit on my chair and i said to myself i enrol to this class so i need to listen very carefully and think fast. 

  “Photography provides a kind of “power” that can freeze a moment in time. The fact that one can freeze a moment eternally is a gift, especially since it has been frozen in your own creative way.” – Manny Librodo 

Got this photo from one of his album (sorry sir i need it for my blog).

 Mr. Jude Cruz  Abu Dhabi Organizer of this workshop has invited me to attend.  I research by internet who is Mr. Manny Librodo Jr. and i found.  It’s not an ordinary photographer it’s an Awarded Photographer. 

YES … finally i know how the post processing … so enjoy to work it … now I LOVE Photography! Click!


behind the scene in action!

group picture with Mr. Manny Librodo  Jr.

My Photo Entry of  Librodized

My first workshop in my entire life. 😀

Words and Images Copyright 2010

By: Pinaybyaheras


9 thoughts on ““A Dessert Radiance Workshop” by: Mr. Manny Librodo – Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

  1. Hi dear! First of all, thanks for following my blog and liking some of my posts. Appreciate it truly. You have a wonderful set of adventures as well.

    A little correction lang since I visited this old post of yours. 🙂 Manny is not from Davao, he is from Iloilo. Originally he was based in Thailand as a psychology professor before he went full time with his photography workshops.

    I think na-mention mo he was from Davao because he regularly comes over to visit Davao for a yearly workshop. We originally brought him here back in 2007 and since then he comes here annually for workshops in Davao and GenSan by different organizers. That was how we became good friends and magkumpare. 🙂

    Congrats on your journey into photography. 🙂


    • Hello Ms. Alcantara .. thank you so much for the correction. All i know talaga he’s from Davao naku po baka magalit sken si Sir Manny nyan! But honestly, i really enjoy his workshop hir in Abu Dhabi and sobrang na amaze talaga ako sa mga tools na ginagamit nya. And my first time to write a blog sya ang napili kong isulat bago ang lahat. Thank you so much for the info Ms. Jojie 😉

      Most of your blogs is beautiful and interesting .. 🙂

      And my pleasure na sagutin mo mga comments ko and mag leave ng message sa blog ko. it’s really an HONOR for me .. even your famous low profile ka pren. Thank you so much!

      A BIG hug for you 😀

      • Hugging you back. Keep on shooting and make Manny proud (we call each other “kapatid”). He is one of the best teachers you can really learn a lot from. Thank you for visiting and appreciating my photos. You’re doing well with your own adventures so ipagpatuloy mo yan, kabayan. 🙂

        • I agree with that … Mabait si Sir Manny akala ko masungit di pala .. 😉

          When it comes to nature ang mga shots mo naman ang lagi kong binibisita . no bola yan .. nakita ko na matagal na since i took my Librodo Class 2010. I always visit your Facebook accout. ;D

          Thanks again ang Girl Power 😉

    • My pleasure Marcia .. your blog it’s simply amazing .. i’m ur follower too!;D By the way, am so glad that you like some my pictures i’m just new in the world of photography .. when i used to shoot, this is the only way i can show what i’ve feel.. after of long day of working i need something to do for a change. 🙂

    • Glad that you like it …. bigginner lang ako at sana dumami pa ang magawa kong blogs katulad mo … nakaka inspire ka tlga !!! … Salamat sa comment natutuwa akong makita ka visiting my site 🙂 God Bless you! 🙂

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