“A Dessert Radiance Workshop” by: Mr. Manny Librodo – Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

 Mr. Manny Librodo in Abu Dhabi ..  can’t wait tosee him personally.   Newbies in the field of photography and i really don’t have an idea how to use the tools of Photoshop but you can’t believe it’s my “FIRST” ever workshop in my entire life.   The Master and ICON of Photography Mr. Manny Librodo originally from Ilo Ilo is having workshop here in Abu Dhabi for 2 days.  Yes, i am so nervous and feeling strange (because i don’t have any idea of the photoshop) and his teaching Advance Photography.  Cross finger i sit on my chair and i said to myself i enrol to this class so i need to listen very carefully and think fast. 

  “Photography provides a kind of “power” that can freeze a moment in time. The fact that one can freeze a moment eternally is a gift, especially since it has been frozen in your own creative way.” – Manny Librodo 

Got this photo from one of his album (sorry sir i need it for my blog).

 Mr. Jude Cruz  Abu Dhabi Organizer of this workshop has invited me to attend.  I research by internet who is Mr. Manny Librodo Jr. and i found.  It’s not an ordinary photographer it’s an Awarded Photographer. 

YES … finally i know how the post processing … so enjoy to work it … now I LOVE Photography! Click!


behind the scene in action!

group picture with Mr. Manny Librodo  Jr.

My Photo Entry of  Librodized

My first workshop in my entire life. 😀

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By: Pinaybyaheras